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10 reasons to recycle your electronics with Usedcomputer Malaysia

Everyone in this world would have at least 2 (two) electrical equipment for daily use. Which explains why electronic wastes are increasing rapidly. When people purchase new gadgets, they would either trade the gadget or throw it away. But majority of them throw away their old gadget. Thus, the best solution is to recycle your old and used electronics.

Now you know that electronic goods can be recycled, but with whom you should deal with? Usedcomputer Malaysia is your ideal choice.

Learn why you should recycle your electronic wastes with Usedcomputer Malaysia:

  1. We are the pioneers in recycling e-wastes with combined experience of 14 years.
  2. We worked with huge number of government agencies and corporate companies in disposing and recycling used electronics.
  3. We are authorized e-waste recycling company under the Department of Environment (DOE) Malaysia. You can check our certifications here.
  4. We dispose and recycle all type of electronic goods including computers, laptops, servers, projectors, ATM machines and many more.
  5. We provide secured data destruction service. We ensure the data from computers and laptops are securely erased before refurbishing.
  6. We do not destroy every component from the electrical goods. We recover the materials and components that can be re-used again.
  7. We refurbish old and used electronic goods. What’s good about it? It provides ability for those electronic goods to be used again.
  8. You will provide your contribution in preserving the environment and reduce health risks of people.
  9. You will earn extra pocket money by disposing your used electronic goods with us.
  10. You can easily bring your old and used electronics to our branches or book an appointment with us to collect them.


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