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Computers and Electronic Assets Disposal 2017-01-11T10:08:35+00:00

Computers And Electronic Assets Disposal

The upgrade programs of IT and Computer assets are an integral part of IT asset enhancement in any corporation. As technology advances at a fast pace, it is imperative and it becomes necessary for the assets to be upgraded.

As this happens, it is crucial the the end-of-life assets are disposed correctly in accordance to the Environmental regulations to avert any improper disposal thus damaging lives and the environment.

We offer a holistic IT, Computer and Electronics disposal service to address the vital requirements of clients, such as:

  • Asset validation and Audit
  • Secure Data Destruction from end-of-life computers
  • Customised collection schedules
  • Proper documented processes
  • Compliant and Environmental friendly recycling and disposal

Secured Computer Data Destruction

Secure Data Destruction using software

When scrapping or disposing your IT equipment, it is important that all data inside is properly erased or discarded. It is crucial that company data, important and sensitive information are discarded and deleted, removing from the waste bin and even re-formatting are not enough to ensure data is completely removed. The best way is to do Data Destruction.

Advantages of our Secure Data Destruction using software:
• We use the highly acclaimed Blancco Data Destruction software to completely erase data that guarantees 99.9% data erasure and sanitation of all your computer assets.
• Once erased, the data cannot be retrieved back by any known existing technology.
• We are an authorized company of Blancco software from Finland.
• We offer Secure Data Destruction solutions accompanying with Data Destruction certificates issued by us.

Secure Data Destruction using Physical Destruction Method

Destruction of data by physically destroying the hard drive, can render it completely unusable and unreaderble. Physical destruction is also an option for:
• Hard drives which don’t have the necessary interface on computer to connect.
• If the hard drive is not relaibly boot to run the software based erase method.
• This method is for those who do not want their data readerble even under forensic analysis.

Ways we carry-out Data Destruction on the hard-disk drives using Physical Destruction method:
• Drilling
• Grinding
• Crushing

This method of Data Destruction using physical destruction method is not accompanied with the Data Destruction Certificate, hence it is not recommended if documentation and and proof of Data Destruction is required.

All residual parts and particles from the physical destruction process are recycled in full conformance to the Malaysian Department of Environment (DOE).

IT and Electronics Asset Management

Our management of ‘end-of-life’ (EOL) IT assets and electronics.

In a situation where Governmental entities, Corporations or Organisations are upgrading to new IT systems and electronics, we are ready to assist in managing the ‘end-of-life’ (EOL) IT assets. We are proud to propose a comprehensive and holistic approach to the disposal of retired assets.

  • We offer full IT Asset Management, IT De-installation or IT De-commissioning and complete Resale Evaluation services.
  • Our team will provide the knowledge and expertise to help clients ascertain the remaining value in their inventory, to assist in determining the most appropriate disposition of the assets, to ensure the maximum return of investments.
  • We have nationwide covered fleet of personnel, vehicles and the experience in handling complex de-installation, de-commissioning and removal of IT assets and electronics.
  • We remove the uncertainty around the logistics and provide excellent mobilization of items.

Our IT and Electronic Asset Management service also comprises of:

  • IT and Electronic Assets relocation
  • IT and Electronic Assets deployment
  • IT and Electronic Assets Lease Management
  • IT and Electronic Assets Donation

Trade Value For Used Electronics

Are you looking to trade-in your used electronics for cash? We make it easy to trade-in your old computers, laptops, netbooks and ultrabooks.

What types of IT inventories do we accept as trade-in?

We accept wide range of IT inventories for trade-in including desktops, laptops, netbooks, LED & LCD monitors, Apple iMacs, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

My devices are quite old, can I still trade it in for cash?

As long the devices meet our criteria, we do not put any restriction to the age of IT inventories.  However, please be aware that very old devices (older than 5-6 years) usually have very little value and the trade-in value will be lower.

What condition does your IT inventories have to be in for trading?

We always accept devices which are in perfect working condition. However, we are also happy to accept damaged or faulty devices but the price for them will be lower.

How much cash will I get by trading in my old computers and laptops?

It depends on the age, condition and specification of your electronic devices. Our trade-in value for used electronics are very competitive within the market. We buy your devices for higher value compared to others within the used computers and electronics market.

Visit the following website to trade-in your used electronics online.

You can also trade-in your used electronics on the following locations:

A-3F-152, 3rd Floor, Block A, Kasuarina 1,

Bandar Botanic Capital,

41200 Klang.

Tel: 03-3325 1035 / 016-9988 436

Lot 9900, Batu Seksyen, 36,

Jalan Nagasari 36/4, Desa Latania,

40470 Shah Alam, Selangor

Tel: 03-5261 8688 / 016-9988 436

F-03-Lot 251452 Jalan Anggerik Perdana 1,

Taman Anggerik Perdana,

43500 Semenyih.

Tel: 016- 9988 436

Exit Persiaran Senawang 2,

Kawasan Perusahaan Senawang,

70450 Seremban.

Tel: 016- 9988 436

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