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Consumers 2017-01-16T09:03:31+00:00

Computers and Used Electronics Recycling For Consumers

Dispose Your Used Electronic Goods with Us and Preserve the Environment

Everyone all around the world continue adapting themselves to the revolutionizing world of technology. People are purchasing and disposing large amount of electronics. Particularly in Malaysia, this results in a growing waste stream of obsolete, broken and unwanted computer and electronic devices which are commonly known as e-waste.

It is challenging to recycle used electronics because they are devices manufactured using various proportions of materials such as plastics, metals and glass. TM IT Recycle has been the pioneers in recycling used electronic goods at Malaysia. As the local leader in the re-marketing and recycling used computers and electronics, TM Recycle IT has led the industry in systematic and sustainable end-of-life disposal and recycling process for used electronic goods.

Why You Should Recycle Your Used Electronics with us

  • Recycling electronics is easy with us as we are certified by the Department of Environment (DOE).
  • We pay cash for your used electronic goods. The price will be higher if it is still in good working condition.
  • We will help preserve the environment in behalf of you by recycling your used electronics with the right recycling process.

We accept all sort of computers and electronic devices

You can either book your collection using the icon at the right of your screen or drop your old/used electronics on the following locations.

Drop Off Locations

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