Why companies should recycle?

10 reasons to recycle your electronics with Usedcomputer Malaysia
January 16, 2017
Why E-waste is on landfill blacklist?
February 1, 2017

Why corporate companies & government sectors should recycle?

Did you know that how many electronics are there in an office? We all know that an electronic will become obselete in 5 years top. Offices usually are equipped with computers with up-to-date technology. When it upgrades what would they do with the used ones? Only few companies would think of recycling, but what if for others that don’t know about recycling? And they also might ask, why should we recycle? Why? Here’s why. It is only humane for companies to recycle their office electronics via certified recyclers. All you need to do is call a certified recycler and arrange a date for the collection.
Solution: Call 03-31014955 or go to the website and key in some information and you are done.We make sure to recycle all of your computers and office electronics the right way.

What happens if we don’t recycle old computers and PC’s?

Apart from being a threat to the world, by not recycling your old computers and PC’s would also be a threat to our future generation. How? When your old computers are exposed for a long time, it will release toxic that could affect the water supply and could be the factor why the fishes are getting weird day by day and it also will affect our food supply and that sounds not promising for our future generation.

How does the recycling work?

Our recycling process are comprehensive and approved by Department of Environment and are consistent with the highest standard along with full compliance with the regulations of the Malaysians Department of Environment(DOE) / Jabata Alam Sekitar under code SW110. All of the process are done in Pulau Indah, Port Klang secured by the best security features monitored with round a clock surveillance. All the recycling processes are processed by our experts.

Items we collected upon our collection day.

What toxic materials are in my PC?

If you are not convinced with the fact that not recycling your electronics could bring harm to you and your future generation. You should be convinced with the list alone.

Most of the PC’s contains:
1: Lead in cathode ray tube and solder
2: Arsenic in older cathode ray tubes
5: Antimony trioxide as flame retardant
4: Polybrominated plastic casings & cables
3: Selenium in circuit boards
6: Cadmium in circuit boards and semiconductors
7: Chromium in steel as corrosion protection
8: Cobalt in steel for structure and magnetism
9: Mercury in switches and housing

Let alone the small PC contains 9 materials that could bring harm to you and your future generation. What about the more complex big size machinery and gadgets? We make you rethink, reuse and recycle for you and our future generation.


Recycle with benefits with Usedcomputer Malaysia.

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