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Our Core Values 2017-01-11T08:43:10+00:00


Our Core Values

At Usedcomputer Malaysia ( subsidiary of TM Recycle IT Sdn.Bhd.), everything we do is guided by a set of principles that define our character, culture and work, which have been at the core of the Company since it’s inception. The ‘3R’ dictum, Rethink, Reuse and Recycle, was developed to guide the design of the recycling process and the way we do things in our facility.


Rethinking is the most effective of the 3Rs and the way to begin, and is also the most complex, as it requires letting go of some notions like ‘new trumps old’.We are always re-thinking and finding better, more effective ways to recycle in our commitment to a healthier environment.


Before we recycle or dispose the E-Waste, we evaluate whether it has life left in it, and put it back to use. Reusing keeps new resources from being used for a while longer, and old resources from entering the waste stream.


Recycling is the utilization of something old and turning it into something new. This involves making new products out of old products. This means the potential landfill wastes become a new product hence protecting the environment.

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