E-waste 101

Everything you need to know about E-waste

Everyone might be familiar with household recycling and have basic knowledge of it. How about the used electronics that you no longer use? or the old electronics that you consider dead? Accordingly, most electronic items are hazardous and can’t be recycled. If it is without the recycling process certified by the government’s environmental agencies. Even so, if you don’t have any idea about the items that fall under the category of e-waste, this article will help you understand what electronic waste is all about.

What is E-Waste?

E-waste is electrical and electronic equipment and devices s powered by an electrical source of any kinds that can be discarded.  (Eg. refrigerators, oven, computers, tablets, printers and etc.)

Did you Know?

E-waste is made up of ;

  • mostly from metal
  • plastic components
  •  substances that can endanger our environment and atmosphere.

Moreover, the wide range of E-waste makes it hard to generalize the materials by devices. Presumably, we can conclude that every electronic equipment could be harmful if it is not disposed of with the right procedure. In addition, what can the public do and how to take part?

What is E-waste Recycling?

As a matter of fact, the term electronic waste recycling carried a meaning of used to describe disposing of overused or end of life (EOL) equipment. EOL equipment is powered by the electrical source. It includes computers, home appliances, printers and other electronic equipment.

E-waste facts in other countries

In fact, there are different rules and regulation on e-waste in every country. For instance,

For instance, in other countries

  • It is illegal in some countries to dispose of electronic waste with regular garbage.
  • In some countries, consumers need to pay for the collection service.
  • Electronics that are no longer functioning cannot be repaired and need to be recycled or disposed of by authorized entity.

E-waste facts with Usedcomputer Malaysia

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