Electronic Waste Recycling that pays in Malaysia


Where to dispose of your electronic waste the smart way?

Ever heard of the fact that when you recycle your used electronics you will get paid? If you have not, you will be by spending your 3 minutes of your time to read this post.

What is the electronic waste you may ask? Simply said, every device or any medium that you are using to read this post is the future electronic waste. You can get to know all about e-waste here.

There is a way on how to make a brand new device cheaper. Yes, there is. Just sell your old one or recycle and you will get paid. Your used electronic waste might be a total junk or still in good condition but no matter what never throw your old electronics devices in the trash with your last night’s dinner.

Generally, because there are tons of toxins in the device’s components. What it can do? It can seriously affect the environment if they end up in a landfill. Hence, that is why e-waste is in the landfill’s blacklist. Besides, throwing your devices (even if it’s already broken) is basically like throwing away your money. If you want to help yourself to get some extra pocket money, book your schedule now.


Usedcomputer discards millions of tons of dead electronics each year.

Source of Data by Household E-waste Department of Environment Malaysia


Electronics and gadget shopping? Chances are that as soon as you are paying for a new smartphone or laptop, part of you are already plotting on buying the next “new gadget”. Kudos for the rapid changes in technology, discarded electronics have become the fastest growing waste in the world.

Even in Malaysia alone, we have thrown away tons of e-waste annually. Every year, all of our devices getting smaller and thinner. Which explains the number of future e-waste that keeps increasing every year. More electronics are being thrown in the trash. Sadder, if it is thrown along with general trash like your last night’s meal. Globally, people threw away trillions of tons of e-waste every year. The number is expected to grow every year. It is terrifying. As It also could reach to the numbers that are beyond your imagination.

It is not a waste until it’s wasted

A report by the United Nations University shows that the amount of E-waste in Asia has risen by 63% in five years ( The Guardian). The report also stated that Asia has become the largest source of e-waste. Due to increasingly gadgets that are affordable for consumers.

What has been thrown is not only an electronic device, but money.

On the other side to all this rapid technology advancement, recyclers from corporations to local nonprofit organizations, uncertified recyclers and as well as scammers. It is not easy to recycle electronics as the process after collecting the waste from companies or household, there will be a long process awaits. Which is to sort every component, dismantle and extract and separate recyclables and precious metals to the hazardous waste.

Let’s see in a bigger picture.

Imagine in big corporations, add with consumers of electronics in the world that buying millions of electronics items a year which roughly into almost more than 500 000 tons of e-waste annually. Also imagine, that 500 000 tons of e-waste are thrown away in the landfill. Have you ever thought how much money have you thrown away? We conclude that it is no longer labelled as immoral if you throw your electronics away, but it is a crime as it can kills and affect people’s health.