Six Steps to Recycle : Collection Driver Guide

6 easy step to recycle : How to Use Our Collection Driver?

When you go to our website, you will be welcomed with tons of information and services that our company has to offer. However, when you see on the right side, can you see there is a collection driver that says click here? The collection driver is for people who wants to book and schedule their waste collection. Bear in mind, consumers with low quantity of electronics are advised to drop their electronics at our outlets nearest to them. You do not have to wait for us to come and collect and you also will get instant cash redemption.

If you happen to have electronics in a big quantity, usually corporate and government, we created this collection driver just for you so that you can save time to schedule and list down your electronics. We get it that you are busy, that’s why we are here to ease your burden. After all, that’s what this company for, giving you the hassle free and the best recycling experience.

Here is the guide on how to use this collection driver:

Step 1: Click the collection driver on the right side and you will be linked to the collection driver


Step 2: After clicking that miniature of our collection driver.

This is what you will be seeing. You just have to fill up the requirements. Do not worry if the items that you want to dispose is not there, you can press “GO” after filling the information that you can filled in.



Step 3: Fill in the blanks

After filling that in, you will be linked to here, which is we need all the details. You have to fill all this information and if you have items that are not being mentioned on the first page. You can add at the additional details and click next.

Step 4: Book Date

After clicking next, you will arrive to this page. Click on which date that you prefer, and click confirm date. You will also will be seeing the estimated price for your items. After you are satisfied with the date and items filled in the additional details, click “Email quotation”

Step 5: Final check and “Re-edit”

This is the last time you need to check and edit your information. Before your booking will be processed. After everything has been thoroughly checked, click “book collection”.


… and you are DONE! You will get your reference no. Make sure you have this reference number. So that, if there are any glitches the reference number will come in handy. Keep it with you, because it is IMPORTANT.


So that’s it! It only take 6 steps for you to be responsible for this earth. Who said RECYCLING is hard, anyway? Till then, HAPPY RECYCLING. For any enquiries, you can email us at or call us at 03-3101 4955.

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