What is the difference between e-waste management and the recycling of e-waste?

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February 1, 2017
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February 23, 2017

There have been a lot of question regarding this. We are overwhelmed with the response among the Malaysian’s company and government that took the initiative to recycle and dispose their electronics the right way. We are glad that Malaysians have finally shown some interest on electronic waste recycling.

So, to answer to the most asked question. E-waste management is more like a plan for an electronic device the moment that they were created, used and disposed. In other words, it is the management of the past, present and the future of e-waste. It is a solution for the electronic items which is no longer in use that need to be disposed responsibly and properly as they can affect our environment adversely as electronic waste contain extremely harmful elements.

As for e-waste recycling, it comes under Management as it is only concern about the present and the future of electronic waste. In which if any electronics item can be used in some other form, it must be recycled properly.

To solve the problem above, Usedcomputer took the initiative to provide both of the services which are to organizing the collection, management, and recycling of electronic waste in a responsible and sustainable manner. The client will be paid in exchange of recycling their e-waste and they will get their e-waste managed properly.

Is Usedcomputer a certified e-waste recycler?

The answer to that is Yes, Usedcomputer is a certified e-waste recycler as our recycling processes are fully transparent, consistent with the highest standard, and in full compliance with the regulation of the Malaysian Department of Environment (DOE) or Jabatan Alam Sekitar under the Code SW110.

Read: The code SW 110 are regulated for Waste from electrical and electronic assemblies containing components such as accumulators, mercury-switches, glass from cathode-ray tubes and other activated glass or polychlorinated biphenyl-capacitors, or contaminated with cadmium, mercury, lead, nickel, chromium, copper, lithium, silver, mangane (Source : Jabatan Alam Sekitar Malaysia’ Portal)

We have been listed in Jabatan Alam Sekitar (JAS) portal in their list of licensed schedule waste facility and transporter.

If you are still wondering what is e-waste, you can read the blog post on it. If you want to know what we accept, here is the list and YES, we accept even it is faulty or have lost its function. You can also straight away book the day and get the schedule and quotation from our officer by calling 03-31014955.

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