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Are you looking to trade-in your used electronics for cash? We make it easy to trade-in your old computers, laptops, netbooks and ultrabooks.

What types of IT inventories do we accept as a trade-in?

We accept wide range of IT inventories for trade-in including desktops, laptops, netbooks, LED & LCD monitors, Apple iMacs, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

What condition does your IT inventories have to be in for trading?

We always accept devices which are in perfect working condition. However, we are also happy to accept damaged or faulty devices but the price for them will be lower.

My devices are quite old, can I still trade it in for cash?

As long the devices meet our criteria, we do not put any restriction to the age of IT inventories. However, please be aware that very old devices (older than 5-6 years) usually have very little value and the trade-in value will be lower.

How much cash will I get by trading in my old computers and laptops?

It depends on the age, condition and specification of your electronic devices. Our trade-in value for used electronics is very competitive within the market. We buy your devices for higher value compared to others within the used computers and electronics market.

Do you have e-waste?