ICT Assets Disposal and Management For Corporates

We are specialists in secure computer disposal, asset management, and e-waste recycling. We take your hassle out of electronic waste disposal and management.

Welcome to Usedcomputer Malaysia (subsidiary of TM Recycle IT Sdn.Bhd.) the one-stop solution provider for all your end-of-life surplus IT goods. Our company brings together over 15 years of combined experience in the e-waste sector with blending knowledge and expertise of computer and electronic assets disposal, secured data destruction and IT & Electronics asset management.

Located in Malaysia, we cover the whole Malaysia including East Malaysia and Singapore. TM Recycle provides a complete and professional solution that covers all aspects of computer and electronics disposal, management and recycling.

Our aim is to:

  • Understand your company needs and provide professional bespoke service
  • Make the computer and electronics disposal and management process easy and simple.
  • Provide your organization with professional and high-quality service

What makes Usedcomputer Malaysia different than others?

  • Providing cost effective solution – We purchase disposable electronic goods for higher prices compared to the usual market price.
  • Asset management – We provide a systematic process for disposal of surplus and redundant ICT assets.
  • Collection – We arrange free pick up for your disposal ICT assets
  • Secure Data Destruction – If data destruction is required we will charge based on the quantity of disposables and will a full report would be presented.

ICT Our ICT Assets Disposal and Recycle Process