Corporate Social Responsibility

Usedcomputer Malaysia turns the obsolete and redundant electronic equipment into something useful and also offers fair value to citizens and environment.

We Believe In Making The World A Better Place To Live

With a little chance in perspective, Usedcomputer Malaysia has been able to bring much needed focus on the intrinsic value of e-waste recycling and refurbishment. Where everybody sees electronic as waste, we see great potentials. The potential of life.

Our innovative approach and effective process give the obsolete electric and electronic equipment with new life and new function. Our approach is mainly focused in saving Earth from landfills, pollution and hazardous chemicals from e-waste.

The values which we live our lives today will determine whether we are able to make the 21st century to be “A Century of Environment” and being sustainable awareness into the society.

Making Malaysia Clean

Teaching and increasing the awareness of society about e-waste management is as important as teaching them about good moral values. We strongly advocate that e-waste management becomes an integral part of everyone’s life as everyone is using electronic equipment today.

Our support even extends to social organizations to disseminate the idea of e-waste and how it is affecting our health and the environment.

We are committed to initiating a socially responsible movement towards the disposal and recycling of e-waste. At Usedcomputer Malaysia we look at electronic waste not just as waste, but an important resource that can be made useful rather than shunning it as a social and environmental burden.

Partnering For Better Change

Usedcomputer Malaysia supports and welcomes partnership of association with organizations seeking to contribute in meaningful pursuits. Making Malaysia “e-waste free”, necessarily becomes an ongoing motto or social process at Usedcomputer Malaysia.

For the actions to have a positive impact towards the environment and society a concerted and cumulative effort is necessary. Usedcomputer Malaysia believes that the need of the hour is to align corporations which have a common interest in making Malaysia e-waste free and clean.