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Secured Data Erasure – Degausser Procedure

When scrapping or disposing of your IT equipment, it is important that all data inside is properly erased or discarded. It is crucial that company data, important and sensitive information are discarded and deleted, removing from the waste bin and even re-formatting is not enough to ensure data is completely removed. The best way is to do Data Destruction.

Advantages of our Secure Data Destruction using Degauss Method:

  • Destroys Any Data on Other Magnetic Media Devices
  • Once degaussed, the data cannot be retrieved back by any known existing technology.
  • The Process of Degaussing Is Quick
  • We offer Secure Data Destruction solutions accompanying with Data Destruction certificates issued by us.
  • Degaussing Protects You, Your Clients and Your Employees.

Physical Destruction – Drilling Service

Destruction of data by physically destroying the hard drive can render it completely unusable and unreadable. Physical destruction is also an option for:

  • Hard drives which don’t have the necessary interface on the computer to connect.
  • If the hard drive is not reliable boot to run the software based erase method.
  • This method is for those who do not want their data readable even under forensic analysis.

Ways we carry-out Data Destruction on the hard-disk drives using Physical Destruction method:

  • Drilling
This method of Data Destruction using physical destruction method is not accompanied with the Data Destruction Certificate, hence it is not recommended if documentation and proof of Data Destruction are required. All residual parts and particles from the physical destruction process are recycled in full conformance to the Malaysian Department of Environment (DOE).